Understand How The World Works & Work With It

In order to move forward, it’s necessary to do so within the confines of how the world actually works.

We get into trouble when we deny reality. Living in a bubble of shoulds won’t get us very far.

This is especially important for cultivating a less fucked future. Brute force isn’t going to be enough to change anything. We have to mold ourselves to fit into the the current way of things before steering the ship in the right direction.

It’s like a pirate who wants the gold on a ship that’s designed to protect it at all costs. If that ship is how the world actually works, and we don’t have the necessary firepower to overcome its force, then we gotta take it over from the inside. Then we can take the gold and sink the ship and murder everyone aboard (because pirates were assholes, not anything like modern cartoon characters).

We often don’t want to accept reality though. We think the world should work a different way.

People should give a shit about not polluting the earth into oblivion. Capitalism should be more fair and equitable. It should be easier for everyone to live happy lives, at least have easy access to the tools.

This type of thinking often leads us into a ditch. Since the world isn’t already aligned to our liking, we slip into fatalism.

The antidote is understanding how the world works and working with it as best as possible. If capitalism is a cut throat winner take all game, then you better get used to cutting some throats. Then you can guide yourself out. Hopefully others will follow.

I’m not saying it’s necessary to continue to be where you’re at if where you’re at is crushing you. But you might have to lean in a little harder to make some space for escape.

If capitalism is a competition to the death, then find a game you can’t lose that doesn’t make you feel icky. Once you get some victories under your belt, then you can change the narrative. This is your vehicle for a less fucked future.

Drastic change is hard. Making it takes time and energy. This is how the world currently works.

Figure out how to leverage it to your advantage instead of fighting against it. You’ll most likely get better results.