My name is A-ron.

I’m creator, producer, editor, videographer, writer, and talent of the hit YouTube show, Explode the Sun.

This is your exclusive “behind the scenes” newsletter going a little deeper into the madness that swirls around in my head. It’s gotta go somewhere. It can’t stay in my head and scramble my brain. So I spill it out here for you to deal with.

You’re welcome.

Who Am I?

I’m America’s most entertaining, foul mouthed, sometimes offensive, unknown digital entity (self proclaimed). Here’s my bonafides:

  • Author of 3 published books (published under my pen name, Fonzi Brownwood1)

  • Wrote a popular blog (now defunct) from 2009 to 2011 called So I Quit My Job

  • Improvisation master

  • Did stand up comedy for a while, but the hours and the people sucked

  • Won a blue ribbon in kindergarten writing contest for a story titled, The Day I Was Eaten By A Shark

  • Got thrown out of Trees in Deep Ellum for knocking over a security guard who was trying to throw one of my friends out

  • Been told numerous times by various stuffy types that I have a “bad attitude,” whatever that means

  • I like making shit up

Who Are You?

If you’re psycho, right-wing conservative (there’s really no other kind these days), or someone filled with rage because no one of your prefered sexual attraction has ever touched your bathroom parts willingly and probably never will, then please fuck off.

Otherwise, let me know who you are:

  • Who’s you’re favorite comedian and why?

  • Where do you live and/or where did you walk out of your mother’s vagina?

  • What do you consider most offensive?

  • Dogs or cats or something else? (there’s no wrong answer)

  • Why did you subscribe?

I promise on my mother’s soul to not use any of this information against you or sell it to the highest bidder. This is between me and you.

Thanks for playing along. Hope you enjoy the show.


Fonzi Brownwood is supposed to be my porn name, which is the name of your first pet plus the first street you remember living on. While I remember the first street I lived being named Brownwood, it was actually Oakwood. And now that I think about it, Oakwood is a much better porn name than Brownwood (unless I specialized in anal, get it?).